Gary Brotmeyer: “Thanks for the Fish!”

January 11, 1997 - March 1, 1997

Ubu Gallery presented an exhibition which featured altered found photographs and collages by contemporary artist, Gary Brotmeyer. Although not a photographer in the traditional sense (he does not take any photographs), Brotmeyer has a photographer’s “eye.” By transforming the specific reality of an existing photograph into some new “unreality” he is, as one critic stated, “logical, ridiculous and sly.” Included in the exhibition, is a number of collages from Brotmeyer’s exploration into a more systemical realm, when he believed photography did not provide the structure of the work. Through this exhibition at Ubu Gallery, Brotmeyer worked on a small scale, creating an intimacy to counter the prevailing tendency in the contemporary art world towards the oversize.

Gary Brotmeyer

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Announcement edition ubu #11

New York Magazine / Art / January 13, 1997 / 1 reproduction
Kunstmarket / “Irving Berlin sagt danke für den Fisch” / February 1, 1997 / 1 reproduction
Paper Magazine / Art & Commerce / January 1997 / Victoria Pedersen and Tim Griffin
The Book / Cover / April 1998 / 2 reproductions