Jindřich Heisler: A Crystal in the Night

February 21, 1998 - April 4, 1998

Ubu Gallery presented an exhibition of photomontages and “manipulated” photographs created by the Jewish poet, artist and Surrealist, Jindřich Heisler, during World War II. Working clandestinely in the bathroom of the artist Toyen, where he was hidden during the entirety of the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, he created a highly personal body of photographic work which to date has been largely unrecognized outside of France and his native country. Over thirty of these exceedingly rare vintage images, many also hand colored by the artist, were presented.

Jindřich Heisler

Press Release

Strana 12 / Ateliér / August 1998 / Josef Moucha / 1 reproduction
New York Magazine / Photography Occupied / March 16, 1998 / 1 reproduction
Infosurr / Expositions Individuelles / May 1998 / Annie Le Brun