László Moholy-Nagy: Photograms, Photographs, Prints, Drawings, Collages, Ephemera

October 27, 2000 - December 22, 2000

László Moholy-Nagy was a complex, charismatic and highly influential artist whose multifaceted career defies classification. This exhibition presented a broad variety of the media in which Moholy worked, bringing together many rare pieces which express Moholy’s polymathic approach to art and life. Moholy originally became fascinated with the issues posed by light, transparency and kinetics in painting. These issues continued to inform his work across all media, but were distilled to their essence in his photography. Through this exhibition, Moholy recognized the potential for working directly with light, whose manipulation could alter humanity’s perception of reality. Moholy described photography as a tool that “heightened and increased one’s power of sight in terms of time and space.” The “new vision” espoused by Moholy was a dynamic synthesis of the goals of the Bauhaus, the philosophy of Constructivism and his personal experiences as an artist, educator, designer, filmmaker and writer. His work across a variety of media can be considered the crystallization of attempts to render this new vision concrete—an “experiment in totality.”

László Moholy-Nagy

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Announcement edition ubu #22

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