One-Line Drawing

July 8, 1997 - July 31, 1997

Each of the 40 artists in this exhibition created an artwork based on directively limiting the finished work to “one uninterrupted action” in the medium of the artist’s choice. About half of the exhibition, which originally consisted of Dutch and German artists, was installed earlier in the year at Parade Gallery in Amsterdam. The exhibition was expanded to include American artists at Ubu Gallery, and demonstrated that the challenge of pre-determined boundaries can inspire significantly different works of art.

Carl André, Arman, Jac Bisschops, Ansuya Blom, Louise Bourgeois, Mel Bochner, Buster Cleveland, Lisa Couwenbergh, Maria van Elk, Alphons Freijmuth, Helen Frik, Gladys, Andy Goldsworthy, Klass Gubbels, Geoffrey Hendricks, Hans Hellingwerf, Herman van der Hoff, Jenny Holzer, Servie Janssen, Rik van Lersel, Rolf Julius, Richard Long, Sol LeWitt, Reinier Lucassen, Helmut Löhr, Robert Mangold, Vik Muniz, Ronald Noorman, Walter van Oel, Mai van Oers, Yoko Ono, Reidnoud Oudshoorn, Coby Prins, Thomas Rajlich, Andrei Roiter, Tom Sachs, Fred Sandback, Dov Shlein, Joseph Semah, Serge Spitzer, Danielle Vidal, Joe Zito, Tom Zwerver

Press release

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