Jindřich Štyrský: On the Needles of These Days. Photographs, 1934–1935

September 21 — October 22, 1994

This — the inaugural exhibition of Ubu Gallery — consisted of a rare group of photographs by the Czech avant-garde artist, Jindřich Štyrský (1899–1942). These photographs were the basis for the artist’s surrealist masterpiece, On the Needles of These Days, published clandestinely in 1941 with original photographs and more widely in 1945 with gravure reproductions. The photographs in this exhibition were accompanied by a characteristically surrealist and anti-war, anti-Nazi poem by Jindřich Heisler (1914–1953).

A facsimile reprint of the 1945 trade edition is available to purchase through the Ubu Gallery store.

Jindřich Heisler, Jindřich Štyrský

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The Marvelous in the Everyday: The Surrealist Photography of Jindřich Štyrský / Dr. Antonin Dufek