Les Mystères de la chambre noire: Photographic Surrealism, 1920 – 1950

June 5 — September 29, 2017

Ubu Gallery presented an exhibition of photographic images by thirty-three experimental artists who worked with surrealist methods. Utilizing manipulative techniques, including photomontage, multiple exposures, sandwiched negatives, brülage, photograms and the disarming juxtaposition of disparate images, these artists created unsettling realities. The artists embraced photography as a “disruptive” medium in the 20th century in part because of the credibility of photography: the idea that “the camera does not lie” lent itself to challenging our assumptions about reality.

Hans Bellmer, Denise Bellon, Victor Brauner, Vane Bor, James Hamilton Brown, Janusz Maria Brzeski, Claude Cahun, René Clair, Robert Disraeli, Jimmy Ernst, Max Ernst, Victor Guidalevitch, David Hare, Artür Harfaux, Harold Leroy Harvey, Raoul Hausmann, Jindřich Heisler, Georges Hugnet, Pierre Jahan, Humphrey Jennings, Edmund Kesting, Miloš Koreček, Jerzy Kujawski, Nathan Lerner, Marcel Mariën, Jean Mowat, Gaston Paris, Man Ray, Jindřich Štyrský, Soichi Sunami, Val Telberg, Stefan Themerson, Raoul Ubac, Wols

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