Central Booking

21 Ludlow Street, NYC (Offline Space)
ICONS IN ASH, DEATH IN ART group show, curated by Maddy Rosenberg and Heide Hatry
Book Party with Conversations, Readings, Spoken Word Performances and Music: February 24, 6.30-8.30
Performers include: Linda Weintraub, Sigrid Sarda, Jennifer Elster, Heide Hatry, Daniella Blau, and Nora Fox, Jane LeCroy, Dusty Wright, Robert Brashear, Aimee Hermann and David Lawton.
Exhibition: through February 26
Artists include: Roberta Allen, Dianne Bowen, Theresa Byrnes, Kathline Carr, Jennifer Elster, Max Gimblett, Heide Hatry, Richard Humann, Gregg LeFevre, Julia Kissina, Kate Millett, Jim Peters, Herbert Pföstl, Michelle Ross, Sigrid Sarda, Carolee Schneemann, Aldo Tambellini, Linda Weintraub, and Brenda Zlamany.