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FIAC | Booth E40

October 20 — 23, 2016

Ubu Gallery is pleased to participate in FIAC 2016. Ubu Gallery will present a booth of avant-garde art specifically produced to illustrate books and publications.

Illustration has often been considered the stepchild of literature, strictly an accompaniment which at best served as a diversionary respite from the intellectual and emotional triumph of words. But along with the more immediately apparent 20th Century revolutions in the plastic arts, film, performance, music and literature, a quiet but equally profound alteration has taken place in the world of illustrated books and publications. Ubu Gallery’s presentation at FIAC 2016 is an attempt to gain the recognition of a wider, informed audience for this essential intersection of art and literature. We are exhibiting paintings, drawings, collages and photographs created explicitly for or in connection with books and publications produced from the 1910s to 1960s – from Dada to Pop, with a heavy dose of Surrealism. Some of these books and publications are unique, some limited edition, some mass produced. But virtually all of the art generated for these books and publications was created by “fine” artists and is exceedingly rare, significant and collectible. Practically every major artist of the 20th Century has collaborated in the creation of one or more of such works and often these artists supplied their own unique voice as well, rivaling the achievements of recognized literary giants. In many cases, illustration has occupied such an important place in the total oeuvre of the artist that no student of art history, connoisseur or astute collector can afford to turn a blind eye.

Hans Bellmer, Victor Brauner, Camille Bryen, Janusz Maria Brzeski, Claude Cahun, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Charles Henri Ford, Jindrich Heisler, Georges Hugnet, Ilarie Voronca, Marcel Janco, Dora Maar, Matta (Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta), Roger Parry, Man Ray, Larry Salk, Kurt Seligmann, Jindřich Štyrský, Yves Tanguy, Tristan Tzara, Moi Ver, Unica Zürn


Drawings Preview