Nils Karsten: Holidays in the Sun…Be Back Never!


In my head, I am constantly culling images, no matter where I am nor what I am doing. The drawings in the exhibition are the results of playing out stories; thinking (out loud) and daydreaming my own narratives, very much influenced by current socio-political events and childhood memories. A finished drawing is the final still of a time-based narration that …

A photomontage of a trio of women in long flowing dress holding pole or staff-shaped objects. A forth woman appears in the upper left corner positioned as if falling with her arms toward the ground.

František Vobecký: Photomontages 1935-1938


In collaboration with Galerie Julian Sander Ubu Gallery is exhibiting the Surrealist-influenced photomontages of František Vobecký (1902–1991) made between 1935 and 1938. While Vobecký originally took up photography as a means of documenting his paintings, shortly thereafter he started photographing found objects and details of rocks and sculptures. From there he moved to simple still lifes of ordinary household or …

BUGGED OUT: Representations of Arthropods in Modern & Contemporary Art


Humans have evolved relatively recently in a world long replete with Arthropods, which constitute the largest phylum of creatures on Earth both in terms of number of species and in total number of individuals. There are nearly a million species of Arthropods, with over 90% of them being insects. Sharing a world with this horde, humans have formed relationships with …

FIAC 2019


Vernissage: October 16, 2019 Ubu Gallery is pleased to participate in FIAC 2019. Ubu Gallery is located at Booth 0.E40, Grand Palais, Paris. HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY, UBU! Help us celebrate the founding of Ubu Gallery in 1994 with a selection of works from our artists and exhibitions over the past 25 years! ARTISTS Vito Acconci, Julian Beck, Hans Bellmer, Denise …

An abstract painting featuring a centered block of orange color on a black background. Stripes of color appear near the edges of the piece.

Judit Reigl: Weightlessness


Ubu Gallery’s exhibition of Judit Reigl’s Weightlessness paintings (formally Expérience d’apesanteur, 1965–1966) was the first in the United States to be exclusively dedicated to this important series. It is also the third solo exhibition presented by Ubu of Reigl, one of the most original figures of post-World War II art. Now 95, Reigl is hailed for discarding boundaries and rules …

A piece with several circular shapes, appearing as flower-like figures in yellow, red, and pink. The shapes are surrounded by blue color, with a black swirl of color on the left. What appears to be a human-like figure sits in the center of the piece, as if above or on top of water.

FIAC 2018


Vernissage: October 17, 2018 Ubu Gallery was pleased to participate in FIAC 2018. Adventurer. This is surely the word that obviously embodies Daniel Cordier. Born in 1920 and now 98 years old, this native of Bordeaux has had several lives in one. A World War II Resister at 20 years old, he became the secretary to Jean Moulin, on whom …

SADE: Artists Under the Influence


Ubu Gallery is pleased to have presented an exhibition of works picturing or directly referencing the Marquis de Sade (Donatien Alphonse François de Sade, 2 June 1740 – 2 December 1814). Sade’s influence is keenly perceived and felt in the works of the Surrealists, who sought to liberate and give expression to the mysterious and aggressive drives lurking within the …

FIAC 2017


Vernissage: October 18, 2017 Ubu Gallery was pleased to have participated in FIAC 2017. Ubu Gallery presented a survey of the historical avant-garde in Central and Eastern Europe between the two World Wars. The influence of Dada and Surrealism was particularly pervasive in middle Europe during the 1920s and 1930s. In Czechoslovakia, they gradually replaced Functionalism and Constructivism as the …

A photograph of what appears to be a mannequin’s head and shoulders. A cage has been placed over the head, with the opening over the face. The mouth of the figure is covered by what appears to be fabric and a single flower.

Les Mystères de la chambre noire: Photographic Surrealism, 1920 – 1950


Ubu Gallery presented an exhibition of photographic images by thirty-three experimental artists who worked with surrealist methods. Utilizing manipulative techniques, including photomontage, multiple exposures, sandwiched negatives, brülage, photograms and the disarming juxtaposition of disparate images, these artists created unsettling realities. The artists embraced photography as a “disruptive” medium in the 20th century in part because of the credibility of photography: …

HEIDE HATRY Icons in Ash: Cremation Portraits


Ubu Gallery presented the exhibition of Heide Hatry’s extraordinary body of work, Icons in Ash: Cremation Portraits. The portrayal of the human image arose many millennia ago precisely for the purpose of keeping the dead among us. Not just in memory, but in charged ceremonial objects that were intended to embody and preserve their spirits for their survivors and for …