A poem by Anatol Stern
Preface by Oswell Blakeston
Introduction by Michael Horovitz
Translated by Stefan Themerson and Michael Horovitz
Illustrations and Design by Mieczyslaw Szczuka
With photographs from the film Europa, made by Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, 1930-32
Reproduced from the original Polish edition of 1929
Gaberbocchus Press, London, 1962
Softcover, 32pp, full color

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Facsimile reproduction of one of the first Polish futurist poems, written in 1925 and first published in 1929. Translation of the original Polish poem by Stefan Themerson and Michael Horovitz. The introduction by Michael Horovitz indicates its application to Europe in the 1960s, which is further emphasized by the unique representation of typography and design in the twenties. “The film no longer exists, it disappeared during the war, but a few stills and montage materials have haphazardly survived thirty years of European discord” (Oswell Blakeston, preface to Europa film section)