On the Needles of These Days


Text by Jindřich Heisler & images by Jindřich Štyrský
[Translation of the original 1941 Czech text]
Jean-Boase-Beier & Jindřich Toman, trans.
Edition Sirene, Berlin, 1984
Hardcover, 78pp, black & white

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A reprint of the surrealist masterpiece, Na jehlách těchto dní, published clandestinely in 1941 by the illegal “Surrealist Edition” in Prague. The few copies in circulation at this time contained original photographs; a more widely published 1945 edition contained gravure reproductions. The photographs in this publication, taken by the Czech avant-garde artist Jindřich Štyrský, were accompanied by a characteristically surrealist and anti-war, anti-Nazi poem by Jindřich Heisler (1914–1953). The work was dedicated to Štyrský’s life-long friend and fellow Czech Surrealist Toyen.

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