Art | 41 | Basel

June 16, 2010 - June 20, 2010

Ubu Gallery is pleased to have participated in Art | 41 | Basel with Galerie Berinson, Berlin.

The world’s premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works, Art Basel features nearly 300 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. More than 2,500 artists, ranging from the great masters of Modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars, are represented in the show’s multiple sections. The exhibition includes the highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works.

Hans Bellmer, Janusz Maria Brzeski, Joseph Cornell, Jean Crotti, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, George Grosz, Jindřich Heisler, Georges Hugnet, Marcel Jean, Paul Joostens, Gerome Kamrowski, Oskar Kokoschka, Dirk Koning & Lou Loeber, Koloman Moser, Henri Matisse, Francis Picabia, André Racz, Man Ray, Kurt Schwitters, Victor Servranckx, Samuel Szczekacz, Jindřich Štyrský, Wols, Unica Zürn

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