Destruction / Creation

March 4, 2000 - April 22, 2000

In a century informed by the psychoanalytic concepts of Sigmund Freud, many artists have confronted—in Freud’s terms—such destructive impulses as sexual aggression, violation, death, decay and mutilation in the process of creation. The exhibition Destruction/Creation at Ubu Gallery demonstrated how certain artists, whether from discontent with society and bourgeois cultural standards or out of self-awareness, have engaged in processes of destruction as creative tools.

Marina Abramovic, Vito Acconci, William Anastasi, Arman, Richard Artschwager, Robert Beck, Dove Bradshaw, Chris Burden, John Chamberlain, Gordon Matta-Clark, Joseph Cornell, Angela de la Cruz, Gregory Green, Mike Kelly, Sol LeWitt, Roy Litchenstein, Ana Mendieta, Yoko Ono, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Tony Oursler, Lil Picard, Robert Rauschenberg, Man Ray, Tom Sachs, Jean Tinguely, Ben Vautier, Jacques Villeglé, Wolf Vostell, Andy Warhol, Robert Watts, H.C. Westermann, Jeffrey Wisniewski

Destruction/Creation was supported with video documentation of performances.

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